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Safety & Health Program Writing

CF Safety will create a customized Safety and Health Program that will fit your company's needs. We will take the time to understand your company's industry and build a program that covers it. We will write safety plan for the unusual task when they arise. Also, CF Safety can help write a plan for specialty tasks. 

Site Safety Audits

CF Safety will come on to your work site and conduct an OSHA like inspection of the site. We will provide a full report of our findings and suggestions on how to correct seen problems. 


OSHA Citation Review: If your company has a surprise inspection from OSHA, CF Safety will work with your company to come up with a plan to help minimize your cost of the OSHA citations.

Custom Plan to Lower Insurance EMR

CF Safety will come analyze your company's current and past incidents that would affect your EMR (Experience Modification Rate) and Workers' Compensation Rates. We will create a program that will build on a positive future that will include a plan of action, from building a safety & health plan, training all employees, setting up a near miss reporting plan, and making sure all record keeping policies are being followed.    

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Safety Bid Writing 

CF Safety will work with your company's Estimator to help create the Safety Section of a Bid. If you do not have all of the required materials for the bid, we will work with your company to create the missing material and to establish programs that will continue the policies well into the future. CF Safety will only help with the Safety related parts of a bid.


CF Safety does not provide complete job bid writing service. 

Safety Record Keeping Setup

CF Safety will come analyze your company's current situation, and develop a plan to make your records OSHA compliant. Once we have a plan, CF Safety will create and setup record keeping systems such as employee training records, accident records, SDS records, and daily/monthly inspections records. We have a few different choices once the record keeping systems are established:

  • CF Safety maintaining all record keeping systems

  •  Doing periodic audits to make sure everything is staying up to date  

  • Turning record keeping systems over for your company to maintain. 

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