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Here are some questions to ask yourself about your company:

  • Does someone from your crew have a current CPR/First Aid/AED card?

  • Does every crew have a designated Competent Person or Persons?

  • Are your employees training records up to date?

  • Before entering a Confined Space, are all employee aware of the hazards and training to recognize them?

  • Is PPE given to each employee required to use the PPE ? 

  • Does the work site have a current Hazard Communication GHS Book on site?

  • When was the last time your excavation was inspected? 

If these questions gave you more questions than clarity, See below to what Services CF Safety can offer your company! 


CF Safety Services for Agriculture

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Agriculture Safety Courses

CF Safety Training and Consulting will provide a full service learning experience for your employees given by our team of qualified and certified safety personnel. We provide flexibility for you, onsite at the job, at the main office, or if you prefer, we will provide a classroom facility that would be convenient for your employees.

Below check out our specialty course list with brief description of each course. CF Safety offers a wide range of different courses, so if you do not see what you are in need of, please contact us with questions or to find out more about our pricing packets.


First Aid, CPR, & AED

This course is interactive training that covers basic first aid practices for the work place, proper CPR techniques for Adults,Pediatric, and Infants, and how to use AED.

OSHA 10 Hour

This course  is geared for the minimum required OSHA Standards for workers This course covers OSHA Standards, policies, and procedures in the construction industry.  Topics include scope and application of the OSHA  Standards,  safety and health principles, and special emphasis on those areas in which are most hazardous.  

OSHA 30 Hour

This course is geared for Foremen and Lead Personal. This course covers OSHA Standards, policies, and procedures in the construction industry.  Topics include scope and application of the OSHA  Standards,  safety and health principles, and special emphasis on those areas in which are most hazardous.  

Competent Person 

CF Safety offers Individual Courses for the following area for Competent Person: Fall Protection, Confined Space, and Scaffold.    All Competent Person courses dig deeper into the information more than the normal course descriptions below. 


This course covers hazards associated with scaffold design, assembly, disassembly and use, types of scaffolds, reinforce concepts of safe scaffolding.

Fall Protection

This course covers  choosing the correct fall protection for the job, components and limitations of fall arrest systems, and OSHA Standards and policies regarding fall protection.  Students will participate in workshops demonstrating the inspection and use of fall protection equipment.

Confined Space

This course covers specific terms to confined spaces operations, identifying Confined spaces permit-required confined spaces and Non-permit required confined spaces, understanding some of the physical and health hazards, how and why atmospheric testing is needed, types of rescue and employers responsibilities, and responsibilities of employers and contractors in permit space entry.

Excavation and Trenching

This course covers practical soil mechanics and its relationship to the stability of shored and unshored slopes and walls of excavations,  soil classification, and use of protective systems.


Lock Out Tag Out

This course covers types of work site electric inspection, working around hazardous energy, the severity of electrical current on the human body, recognize and evaluate actual and potential electrical hazards, detecting hazardous conditions, implementing control measures as they relate to the control of hazardous energy, and energy control program.

Personal Protective Equipment

This course covers types of personal protective equipment, selecting the proper PPE for the job, respirator use and selection, and how to use and when to use hearing protection. 

Ladders & Stairways

This course covers types of ladders, ladder construction, proper ladder use, using ladders as working platform, improper use, ladder hazards, ladder inspections, and proper ladder storage.

Hazard Communication

This course covers understanding the employee's right to Understand and to Know the chemicals they are working with, different sections of the labels, parts of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), and HazCom Pictograms. 

Aerial/Scissor Lift Operations

This course covers OSHA Standard for Aerial & Scissor Lift operations, proper inspection techniques, Aerial & Scissor Lifts appropriate operational uses, and practical operation of aerial and scissor lifts.  

Crystalline Silica

This course covers how to identify crystalline silica, where silica  can be located, silica exposure, silicosis, and how to protect against silica exposure.

Slips, Trips, Falls

This course covers help individuals in all settings recognize, evaluate and control slip, trip and fall hazards, the impact of slips, trips and falls in the workplace, recognize and prevent slip, trip and fall hazards, and identify risk factors for slips, trips and falls and working from heights.

Crane & Rigging

This course covers the best practices in crane and derrick operation, the four main causes of worker death and injury, will describe various components of types of cranes including attachment, will describe the lifting principles of construction cranes, signaling, and basic rigging practices. More advance rigging course are available.

Don't see what you are looking for? Contact Us Today! 
CF Safety has wide range of courses that all can not be listed.  

Safety Management

CF Safety can create a Safety Management Plan that fits your company. CF Safety can provide a broad  array of services from initial program audit, Workers Compensation Management, AHA or JHA writing/reviewing, Program writing/reviewing, Project Specific Safety Plans, Accident investigation,  Customized OSHA & MSHA Safety Training, and Employee Training Record Keeping. 

If you want to reorganize your Safety Management Plan, contact us today to see what CF Safety can do for your company.

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Safety Management

Work Site Consulting

CF Safety provides a variety of services for Work Site Consulting. We can build a plan that works for your company. CF Safety can provide Safety Personnel that will handle all of your safety needs for a work site including inspections, permits, writing and reviewing AHAs, signage, and working with the General Contractor's safety team. 

If you are in need of Work Site Consulting, contact us today to see what CF Safety can do for your company.

Want to See More about our Services?
Work Site Consulting
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